2018 Labor Notes Conference has ended


Friday, April 6

1:00pm PDT

3:00pm PDT

5:00pm PDT

Saturday, April 7

9:00am PDT

10:15am PDT

2:00pm PDT

Health Care Goes Lean and Mean Narita AMark Brenner, Labor Notes Policy Committee • Mary Cornacchia, Massachusetts Nurses • Xenia Green, New York Nurses Strike Bargaining Heathrow ARichard De Vries, Teamsters 705 • Jason Ide, Teamsters 814 Boosting Your Bargaining through Legislation Charles De GaulleDarius Smith, Food and Commercial Workers 400 • Mary Gellatly, Fight for $15 and Fairness/Workers’ Action Centre • Facilitator: Dave Kamper, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees • Nora Watts, Massachusetts Nurses Defending Public Health Care DFW BFacilitator: John Pearson, SEIU 1021 • Rochelle Lowe, National Nurses United Chicago • Jacqueline Gilbert, New York State Nurses • Michael D’Intinosanto, Massachusetts Nurses A Woman’s Place Is in the Labor Movement: A Participatory History LambertYvette de la Cruz, labor educator • Steffi Domike, Steelworkers Secrets of a Successful Organizer: Assembling Your Dream Team Rosemont AMarsha Niemeijer, New York State Nurses • Jayanni Webster, United Campus Workers Dealing with Difficult Supervisors International Ballroom BSandy Pope It’s In Our Hands: Member-Organizers Growing the Labor Movement GatwickKeith Hogarty, Communications Workers 1101 • Donald Jean-Marie, UNITE HERE 217 • Cyndi Sexton, New York State Nurses • Facilitator: Cassie Watters, United Campus Workers Legal Rights of Union Stewards ViennaHealth Professionals and Allied Employees • Danielle Newsome Develop the Leaders Your Union Needs LAX BNick Bedell • Transport Workers

4:15pm PDT

6:00pm PDT

Sunday, April 8

9:00am PDT

10:45am PDT