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Saturday, April 7

9:00am PDT

10:15am PDT

Community-Labor Alliances Sky HarborElijah Edwards, AFSCME 2858 • Roz Pelles, Poor People’s Campaign • Facilitator: Steve Early, labor journalist • Fran Tobin, Alliance for Community Services • Nick Faber, St. Paul Federation of Teachers Using Your Rights under the Trump Labor Board Ronald Reaganretired counsel • Communications Workers D1 • Gay Semel Worker Cooperatives (S) MalpensaJesús Torres, Trabajadores Democráticos de Occidente (Democratic Workers of the West cooperative) • Armando Robles, New Era Windows and Doors • Maria Roman, New Era Windows and Doors • Keith Joseph, SEIU1199 Healthcare • Co-facilitator: Monica Atkins, Cooperation Jackson • Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson • Co-facilitator: Tim Schermerhorn, Labor Notes and Democracy at Work Audio Editing for Beginners LaGuardiaNatasha Lewis • Dissent magazine’s Belabored podcast Choosing an Organizing Database DFW Adatabase consultant • Brendan O’Sullivan Using Social Media in Your Campaigns United AJoe Brusky, Milwaukee Teachers Education Association • Melissa Zombor, Milwaukee Teachers Education Association Democracy Depends on Journalism, Journalism Depends on the Union Narita BJaviera Quintana, Vice Canada • Jen Phillis, Jacobin • Amanda Hess, New York Times • Kristina Bui, L.A. Times • Facilitator: Nastaran Mohit, NewsGuild of New York Running for Union Office International Ballroom DMatt Maini, Teamsters 251 • Angelina Cruz, Racine Education Association • Facilitator: David Levin, Teamsters for a Democratic Union Building a Winning Contract Campaign United BDenise Rodriquez, St. Paul Federation of Teachers • Leah Lindeman, St. Paul Federation of Teachers Public and Private Sector Workers Unite Charles De GaulleRepresentative, APWU Iowa • Megan Hise, Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals • Chris Baehrend, Chicago Teachers Union-ACTS Strikes and Contract Campaigns on Campus MidwayCherrene Horazuk, AFSCME 3800 • Sherry Wolf, Rutgers AAUP-AFT • Tony Johnston, Cook County Community College • Facilitator: Michelle Chen, Belabored podcast • Jane Elliott, King’s College University and College Union, U.K. Voices from the Teacher Uprising Rosemont CTammy Berlin, Jefferson County Teachers Association, Kentucky • Nema Brewer, KY120 United, Kentucky • Dylan Wegela, Arizona Educators United • Rebecca Garelli, Arizona Educators United • Emily Comer, Kanawha Federation of Teachers, West Virginia • Olivia Morris, Kanawha Federation of Teachers, West Virginia Fighting for a Strong Public Postal Service LibertyKatherine Isaac, Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service • Imad Temiza, Palestinian Postal Services Workers Union • Rich Shelley, American Postal Workers Union • John McMahon, Canadian Union of Postal Workers Black Lives Matter in Schools LindberghGeorgia Flowers-Lee, Union Power, United Teachers Los Angeles • Audrey Murph-Brown, EDU, Springfield Education Association • Cristina Duncan Evans, BMORE, Baltimore Teachers • Faciltator: Ismael Jimenez, WE Caucus, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers • Rosie Frascella, MORE, United Federation of Teachers China: Worker Repression in the Workshop of the World JFKFacilitator: Kevin Lin, International Labor Rights Forum • Global Labor University, Penn State • Xiang Zi, Global Labor University, Penn State • Michelle Wong, Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions • Elaine Hui, China labor scholar, Penn State University Fighting for Public Education around the World (S) LAX BStephane Enjalran, Solidaires, France • Facilitator: Arlene Inouye, Union Power, United Teachers L.A. • David Guadalupe Valenzuela, CNTE-Sonora, Mexico • Kiri Tunks, National Education Union, U.K. Health Care Staffing Fights DFW BElaine Morley, Communications Workers 1168 • Facilitator: Laurie Bahr, Minnesota Nurses • Pat Kane, New York State Nurses • Mark Land-Ariizumi, National Union of Healthcare Workers Unions and Veterans Fight V.A. Privatization International Ballroom CMarilyn Park, V.A. Council, AFGE • Co-facilitator: Ian Hoffman, AFGE • Co-facilitator: Sara Kuntzler, AFGE • Anne Lindgren, AFGE • Barry Romo, Vietnam War veteran, Right to Heal Campaign • Mark Dykes, SEIU • Tania Smith, National Nurses United Workplace Health and Safety in the Trump Era: An Overview DullesJordan Barab • former Deputy Assistant Secretary of OSHA Bargaining for Health Care in the Trump Era O'Hare BAutumn Martinez, United Electrical Workers 255 • Facilitator: Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single-Payer • Peter Knowlton, United Electrical Workers Stopping Workplace Violence Sea TacNew York State Nurses • David Pratt Tackling Amazon and the Logistics Bosses: Reports from around the Globe International Ballroom EAldo Milani, Si COBAS, Italy • Aga Mroz, Workers Initiative, Poland • Magda Malinowska, Workers Initiative, Poland • Facilitator: Louise Tikas • KD, Angry Workers of the World, U.K. Bringing Temps into Our Bargaining Units and Organizing Campaigns Narita AFacilitator: Jes Cook, DePaul University Labor Education Center • Barry Rose, Workers United 76A and Chicago Workers Collaborative • Robert Hathorn, Nissan • Chris Lamberti, Workers United Chicago-Midwest Region Confronting Right-Wing Strategies beyond Janus and ‘Right to Work’ ParisTim Tharp, Washington Federation of State Employees (AFSCME) • Facilitator: Francisco Cendejas, United Teachers Los Angeles • Amy Mizialko, Milwaukee Teachers Education Association • Tony Pecinovsky, Workers Education Society • Anthony Brown, Texas State Employees Union Unions Prepare for Janus and ‘Right to Work’ Rosemont BFacilitator: Larry Bradshaw, SEIU 1021 • Maricruz Manzanares, AFSCME 3299 • Gillian Russom, Union Power, United Teachers Los Angeles • Anh Tran, Professional Staff Congress-CUNY • Barbara Madeloni, Massachusetts Teachers Family-Friendly Bargaining TegelBrad Sigal, AFSCME 3800 • Maggie Dreon, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees • Representative, SEIU Healthcare Illinois-Indiana • Jessica Way, WE Caucus, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers How to Build a Rapid Response Network to Defend Immigrant Communities (S) Heathrow Band Marleny Amaya • Rose Bookbinder • Pioneer Valley Workers Center • Gabriella Della Croce • Eduardo Samaniego • Andrea Schmid • Diana Sierra Secrets of a Successful Organizer: Beating Apathy Rosemont AJane Slaughter, Labor Notes Policy Committee • Jia Lee, MORE, United Federation of Teachers Secretos de un organizador exitoso 1 LoganMagaly Licolli, Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center • Diana Lopez, Workers’ Dignity/Dignidad Obrera How Arbitrators Think International Ballroom FTeamsters 705 • Richard De Vries Creative Organizing and Strategic Mischief ViennaDan Moore, SEIU 26 • Ricardo Levins Morales, labor artist Beating Back Bullying Principals John WayneEllen David Friedman, Labor Notes Policy Committee • Christina Jennings, Chicago Teachers Using the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) O’Hare Cretired union attorney • Robert Schwartz Overcoming Racism and Sexism in the Workplace International Ballroom BLorene Scheer, retired organizer, Teamsters and SEIU 503 • Cynthia Phinney, Maine AFL-CIO • Terry Day, Center for Working Life • Facilitator: Joe Fahey, former co-chair, Teamsters for a Democratic Union Lessons from Labor History: Triumph, Tragedy, and What’s In Between LambertToni Gilpin • labor historian reversing runaway inequality GatwickDennis Dunn, Communications Workers 1108 • Matthew Garrette, Communications Workers 6450

2:00pm PDT

Health Care Goes Lean and Mean Narita AMark Brenner, Labor Notes Policy Committee • Mary Cornacchia, Massachusetts Nurses • Xenia Green, New York Nurses How Unions Can Support Worker Co-ops DFW ASanjay Pinto, Workers’ Institute at Cornell • Shaywaal Amin, SEIU1199 Healthcare • Abby Scher, ResearchAction • Rebecca Lurie, Murphy Institute of Labor and Urban Studies Young Workers Blaze New Trails DullesWill Stone, Communications Workers 1298 • Samantha Mason, Workers United 2833 • Jay Poranski, Health Professionals and Allied Employees • Arrion Brown, American Postal Workers, Nation’s Capital-Southern Maryland • Mary Clinton, Communications Workers The Art of Parody for a Singing Labor Movement TegelBen Grosscup, People’s Music Network • John Paul Wright, Railroad Workers United • Anne Feeney, activist cultural worker Write for Us Ronald ReaganAlexandra Bradbury, Labor Notes • David Bush, rankandfile.ca Researching Your Employer (S) United AUnited Teachers Los Angeles • Grace Regullano Bargaining without Collective Bargaining HartsfieldBonita Johnson, United Electrical Workers 150 • Angelina Cruz, Racine Education Association • Anthony Brown, Texas State Employees Union • Nicole McCormick, Mercer County Education Association, West Virginia • Facilitator: Josh Smyser, United Campus Workers Continuous Bargaining Narita BJohn Lepley, Steelworkers 3657 • Nancy Lessin, Steelworkers Strike Bargaining Heathrow ARichard De Vries, Teamsters 705 • Jason Ide, Teamsters 814 Boosting Your Bargaining through Legislation Charles De GaulleDarius Smith, Food and Commercial Workers 400 • Mary Gellatly, Fight for $15 and Fairness/Workers’ Action Centre • Facilitator: Dave Kamper, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees • Nora Watts, Massachusetts Nurses Reformers in Office International Ballroom CSteve Lawton, Communications Workers 1102 • Patrick Green, Amalgamated Transit Union 1235 • Facilitator: Barbara Madeloni, Massachusetts Teachers Resistance in the Trades International Ballroom DJason Sheckler, Carpenters 1503 • Melissa Shetler, Ironworkers 46 • Al Neal, Workers’ Education Society • Neidi Dominguez, Painters Union Contract Campaigns that Win JFKHeather Trainor, Communications Workers 1101 • Courtney Meadows, Food and Commercial Workers 400 • Hayman Sung, British Columbia Government Employees, Canada • Facilitator: David Yao, American Postal Workers Union, Seattle Pension Fights North CentralElijah Edwards, AFSCME Council 31 • Representative, Teamster pension activism • Tammy Berlin, Jefferson County Education Association • Facilitator: Peter Landon, Teamsters for a Democratic Union Strikes Rosemont CAkbar Bibb, SEIU 1021 • Facilitator: Pam Galpern, Communications Workers 1101 • Josey Allgor, Communications Workers 1101 • James Hogan, Steelworkers 5114 • Rick Norman, Steelworkers 5114 • Brandon Wolford, Mingo County Education Association, West Virginia Unions Team Up for Bold Demands O’Hare CGary Jimenez, SEIU 1021 • A. Jaxon Dale, Amalgamated Transit Union 1235 • Joe Richard, AFT • Angelique Johnson, Music City Bus Riders Union/Workers Dignity • Steve Payne, Minnesotans for a Fair Economy • Facilitator: Candi Churchill, United Faculty of Florida Educators Take on School and Community Violence: A Dialogue Da Vinci AGeorgia Flowers-Lee, Union Power, United Teachers Los Angeles • Erika Nanton, Poor People’s Campaign • Paula Reed, Jefferson County Teachers, Colorado • Facilitator: Ingrid Walker-Henry, Milwaukee Teachers • Nick Faber, St. Paul Federation of Teachers • Representative, Chicago Teachers Organizing the Whole School John WayneAdaline Lining, Cambridge Education Association • Facilitator: Debby Pope, Chicago Teachers • Marilyn Piggee, Chicago Teachers • Representative, St. Paul Federation of Teachers Reforming Your Union DaVinci BFrank Halstead, Teamsters 572 • Remzi Jaos, SEIU 73 • Mary Cowhey, Northampton Association of School Employees • Facilitator: Ken Paff, Teamsters for a Democratic Union Action in the Japanese Labor Movement O'Hare BMiwako Seiryu, Labor Lawyers Association of Japan • Ryoko Ushiro, National Union of General Workers, Japan • Jun Tsutsui, Japan Postal Workers’ Union • Facilitator: Chie Matsumoto, Japan Federation of Newspaper Workers’ Unions Agricultural Workers in the Global South (S) LibertyNidia Quintero, Fensuagro, Colombia • Tomás Membreño, Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Agroindustria y Similares (STAS), Honduras • Maria del Carmen Mata, Sindicato Independiente Nacional y Democrático de Jornaleros Agrícolas (SINDJA), Mexico • Facilitator: Tiffany Finck-Haynes, Global Labor University, Penn State Organizing across Europe O'Hare AMichele Bulgarelli, FIOM Bologna, Italy • Kjetil Larsen, Fellesforbundet, Norway • Facilitator: Chris Maisano, New York State Nurses • Fliss Premru, Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association, U.K. Taking on NAFTA in the Trump Era (S) International Ballroom EDerek Blackadder, LabourStart, Canada • Archana Rampure, CUPE • Jesús Torres, Trabajadores Democráticos de Occidente (Democratic Workers of the West cooperative), Mexico • Facilitator: Cynthia Phinney, Maine Fair Trade Campaign, U.S. • Daniel Campos, United Electrical Workers, U.S. Defending Public Health Care DFW BFacilitator: John Pearson, SEIU 1021 • Rochelle Lowe, National Nurses United Chicago • Jacqueline Gilbert, New York State Nurses • Michael D’Intinosanto, Massachusetts Nurses Mapping with New Eyes: Tools to Integrate Health and Safety into Organizing LaGuardiaDorothy Wigmore Mobilizing Members to Take Health Care Off the Bargaining Table Heathrow BLinda Dean, United Steelworkers 900 • Barney McClelland, Southern Maine Labor Council • Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, New York State Nurses • Kim Behrens, New York State Nurses • Facilitator: Mark Dudzic, Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Amazon, UPS, USPS: Workers Fighting Back in the Age of E-Commerce International Ballroom ANick Perry, Teamsters 413 • Facilitator: Melissa Rakestraw, Letter Carriers 825 • Keith Richardson, American Postal Workers Union, Chicago • Marvin Harvey, Amazon warehouse worker Organizing in the Airline Industry Sea TacBrendan Remezas, Transport Workers, Jet Blue • Paul Mayes, Transport Workers, Jet Blue • Derrel Medford, Communications Workers, Envoy • Facilitator: Sarah Jaffe, Belabored podcast • Carlos Aguirre, Professional Aviation Safety Specialists • Joe Evica, Delta Workers Unite Workplace Organizing Without a Union (S) Sky HarborGabriel Morales, Brandworkers • Lexi Collins, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos en Lucha • Oscar Anguiano, Somos un Pueblo Unido • Rayos Burciaga, Somos un Pueblo Unido Preparing for Janus and ‘Right to Work’ United BSarah Hughes, National Education Association Militant History of Public Sector Unions MidwayPriscilla Murolo, labor historian • Bob Peterson, retired Milwaukee Teachers A Woman’s Place Is in the Labor Movement: A Participatory History LambertYvette de la Cruz, labor educator • Steffi Domike, Steelworkers Trans and Queer Politics in Workplace Organizing Drives: Lessons from NYC Sex-Toy Store Organizing International Ballroom FLena Solow, Communications Workers 1180 • Michelle Esther O’Brien, Graduate Student Organizing Committee, Auto Workers 2110 • Phoenix Casino, Babeland worker, RWDSU • Nico Fuentes, Pleasure Chest worker • Stephanie Basile, Communications Workers Organizing the South Rosemont BRoz Pelles, Poor People’s Campaign • Facilitator: Gene Bruskin, veteran union organizer and campaigner • Monica Atkins, Cooperation Jackson • Willie Hardy, Teamsters for a Democratic Union • Margaret Cook, United Campus Workers Going On Offense to Defend Immigrant Members (s) CapitalJorge Mújica Secrets of a Successful Organizer: Assembling Your Dream Team Rosemont AMarsha Niemeijer, New York State Nurses • Jayanni Webster, United Campus Workers Secretos de un organizador exitoso 2 LoganFernando Garcia, Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center • Nelson Escobar, Northwest Arkansas Workers’ Justice Center • Rosa Ponce, Painters Dealing with Difficult Supervisors International Ballroom BSandy Pope It’s In Our Hands: Member-Organizers Growing the Labor Movement GatwickKeith Hogarty, Communications Workers 1101 • Donald Jean-Marie, UNITE HERE 217 • Cyndi Sexton, New York State Nurses • Facilitator: Cassie Watters, United Campus Workers Legal Rights of Union Stewards ViennaHealth Professionals and Allied Employees • Danielle Newsome Develop the Leaders Your Union Needs LAX BNick Bedell • Transport Workers Labor Organizing Against Climate Change ParisRick Albis, Steelworkers 675 • Sue Scanlon, Amalgamated Transit Union 85 • Facilitator: Sean Petty, New York State Nurses • Aaron Spires, Canadian Union of Postal Workers What Is Socialism? MalpensaBianca Cunningham, Communications Workers District 1 • Mary Virginia Watson, AFSCME 3299 • Elaine Bernard, National Writers Union • Clancy Harris, Communications Workers

4:15pm PDT

Auto Workers Meeting O'Hare A building trades meeting O’Hare C Corbynism and the Resurgence of the British Labor Movement International Ballroom EJeremy Drinkall, Unison, U.K. • Facilitator: Sheila Cohen, National Union of Journalists, U.K. • Charlotte Bence, Unite the Union, U.K. • Phil Clarke, National Education Union, U.K. Film: At the River I Stand (Second Showing) O'Hare B Higher Education Workers Meeting North Central Journalists Meeting Sky Harbor Telecom Meeting Heathrow A Transit Workers Meeting International Ballroom A Transport Workers Union (TWU) Meeting International Ballroom D Worker Cooperatives Interest Meeting JFK Contract Campaign Meeting for UPS Teamsters London How to Be an Effective Staffer in a Member-Driven Union United BMarsha Niemeijer, New York State Nurses • Leah Lindeman, St. Paul Federation of Teachers Education Union Meeting Rosemont B Meeting: Building International Solidarity DullesHerbert Claros, International Committee of CSP-Conlutas, Brazil • Stéphane Enjalran, Union Syndicale Solidaires, France • Natasha Carlsen, Chicago Teachers, U.S. • Erek Slater, Amalgamated Transit Union, Chicago, U.S. Nurses Meeting Rosemont C Longshore Unions Meeting Lambert Inoculation: How to Bust the Unionbuster ViennaPhoenix Casino, Babeland worker, RWDSU • Eric Dryburgh, Retail, Wholesale, & Department Store Union • Jeff Loehrke, former Guitar Center worker • Mickey Molinari, former Guitar Center worker • Nico Fuentes, Pleasure Chest worker • Stephanie Basile, Communications Workers Film: Union Time: Fighting for Workers Rights LaGuardiaGene Bruskin • Justice@Smithfield organizer Listening: Our Sharpest Tool for Organizing DFW BTerry Day, Center for Working Life • Joe Fahey, former co-chair, Teamsters for a Democratic Union How Capitalism Works: An Interactive Training MalpensaCynthia Gomez Worker Center Meeting (S) Logan

6:00pm PDT

7:30pm PDT

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